Notable Links Aug 15

Review Of John MacArthur’s Book, Strange Fire.

I once had respect for John MacArthur until I listened to him speak at his Strange Fire Conference. He was uncharitable toward Charismatics and Pentecostals, a tradition that I grew up in. Here is a critique of his book Strand Fire from someone within MacArthur’s own Reformed tradition. Part 2 is here.

Bonhoeffer Convinced Me to Abandon My Dream

Abandon the dream of your perfect church and minister in the church that the Lord gives you.

The Posture of Prayer: A Look at How Buddhists Pray

Take a look at what a Buddhist means, and believes, as they pray. Also, learn how you can pray for your Buddhist neighbor. Also, see Islam and Hindu practices.

Notable Links – July 25

Living In The Bodies We Have And Not The Ones We Don’t

Looking at the transsexual phenomena and what it means to worship God with your body.

The education of Steven Spielberg. It didn’t involve ivy.

Kind of makes you wonder if going to college is really worth it these days.

9 Things You Should Know About the Communion Service on the Moon

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing was last week. Did you know the astronaut took communion on the moon? Also, do you know what was first read from Apollo 8 that first orbited the moon?

Notre Dame Fire Revives Demand For Skilled Stone Carvers In France

“Our work involves very specific requirements and we are short of skilled labor in a dozen or so traditional professions,” says Frederic Létoffé, the president of the monument restorers’ professional association. “But the Notre Dame fire woke the country up.”

Notable Links – July 18

What Not to Say to Someone With a Drug Addiction

In case you want to know what not to say when talking to someone who has an addiction. One in particular that never needs to be said, “You Just Need to Pull Yourself Together!”

How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals

Humans are religious people. When you leave religion it is never for a sexy secular existence. It is for another religion.

Complete Book of Common Prayer

I have really benefited from using the Book of Common Prayer in my prayer time. Here is an updated version free online.

Why this man became a hermit at 20

An interesting story of Christopher Knight who spent 27 years alone in Maine. Do you sometimes feel the need to get away and be alone? Sometimes, I think I just may flip and leave this world behind to live in the woods.

Notable Links – July 11

Nine Traits of a Community-Focused Church

Great ideas just in the show notes on how you can impact your community.

John Stott’s Daily Prayer

Adding this prayer to my morning liturgy.

God’s Gracious Gift of the New Birth

Reminder that the new birth is more than a change of mind or actions but a super natural recreation in your life.

iWorld: Understanding the Transgender Philosophy

Good insight into the philosophy of our post-modern culture.

Christian Daily Reporter

New aggregate whose manifesto states, “The Christian Daily Reporter is a source for the most important news and content from a Christian perspective — and it lives outside the tech-giant information choke hold.”