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2019 & Beyond

It has been a while since I posted any content on this site. I assure you, this is not because the issue of church partnership or the gospel means any less to me than before. But, the reason is largely in part BECAUSE of my love for church partnership that I have not written on the subject for a while.
Last September my wife and I accepted a position to manage the local homeless shelter called The Refuge.

The Refuge is a rotating shelter. We have no formal building to which we can house the homeless at night. We instead rotate the guests from church to church each week. Every night of the week the guests are fed and sheltered during the cold winter months here in Michigan. And it takes church partnership to do this.

The Refuge is the largest volunteer organization in our county. We help the local churches work together to give the homeless in our county food, shelter, and the love of Jesus. We are equipping churches to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I’ve been with The Refuge since 2014. I have always been impressed with their work and ability to get the churches together for one cause. It is the best program I have seen that has brought churches together to make the world a better place. I am honored to be working with such a great organization.

That being said, this is why you have not heard from me in a while. But, this not to say you won’t hear from me going forward. I will be stepping up and writing more about church partnership and other subjects as I feel led. Also, I foresee doing some videos concerning bible study, current events, and discussing books that I have enjoyed.

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