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Notable Links – Aug 1

They Tried to Start a Church Without God. For a While, It Worked.

I thought it curious that atheist and skeptics would even start their own “church”. It didn’t work for the reasons I first thought about when I heard about the concept.

VP Pence Unveils the Spacecraft that will Take Astronauts Back to the Moon in 2024!

We (as in all of humanity, mother) are going to the Moon!

Latino Immigrants Are Evangelizing America

The largest growing segment of Evangelicals in American today are Latinos. I’ve often thought about planting a church with intentions of it being bi-lingual. The Spanish speaking immigrants need Jesus too.

The Calendar of Saints: A Rookie Anglican Guide

As a Protestant coming from a “low-church” tradition, I’ve always been curious with the “high-church” traditions regarding saints. Here is a handy guide I’ve found from the Anglican tradition.

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