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Notable Links – July 25

Living In The Bodies We Have And Not The Ones We Don’t

Looking at the transsexual phenomena and what it means to worship God with your body.

The education of Steven Spielberg. It didn’t involve ivy.

Kind of makes you wonder if going to college is really worth it these days.

9 Things You Should Know About the Communion Service on the Moon

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing was last week. Did you know the astronaut took communion on the moon? Also, do you know what was first read from Apollo 8 that first orbited the moon?

Notre Dame Fire Revives Demand For Skilled Stone Carvers In France

“Our work involves very specific requirements and we are short of skilled labor in a dozen or so traditional professions,” says Frederic Létoffé, the president of the monument restorers’ professional association. “But the Notre Dame fire woke the country up.”

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