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Review of Black & White by Myron Pierce

Black & White: How Unity & Reconciliation Can Save America
By: Myron Pierce

Myron Pierce is a tired black man. Tired of seeing black men die at the hands of the police. Tired of experiencing systemic racism. He says he is “Tired. Tired. Tired.” But, he calls for unity. He calls for us to listen. He calls for us to speak out against those who perpetuate this hatred towards his people. This is the purpose of this book.

Pierce’s book could not have come at a more apropos time. The catalyst for his writing is the death of Amaud Arbery, a black man gunned down simply for jogging in the wrong neighborhood. Add to this the recent death of George Floyd who died under the knee of a police officer who would not let up. The death dug up the anger and rage among many Americans, especially the African American community, who, in their anger started to protest in many cities in our country. Others, not knowing what else to do, started to riot.

Now is the time that Myron Pierce is writing for. This is the time we all need to read his words calling all of us to unity and forgiveness. Pierce is one voice of many African Americans who feel they are “unheard, overlooked, and second class.” But it is not just for his people that he writes for, but for white people as well.

I urge you to dig into this little book written about a huge issue that needs to be addressed by people of every color. As Peirce says, “I believe you, and I are partners in this thing. I think you have a role to play. I have a role to play. As we play our roles together, we can bridge the gap.” What this country needs right now is the words of Myron Pierce, and for all of us to listen, grieve, forgive, and fight for a new world together.

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