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Teach Me To Pray – CPM

I had the privilege of being published in the current issue of Church Planter Magazine. Here is a snippet to wet your whistle…

I have a confession: I find it hard to pray. I’ve struggled with my prayer life for a long time. Growing up in the church I knew I needed to pray. The first prayer I remember praying was when I was just five years old. I told my mother I wanted to have Jesus come live inside my heart. Kneeling at my bed I prayed the “sinner’s prayer” repeating each word my mother spoke to me. To this day I don’t remember what was said. After I said amen, my mother continued to pray out loud… and pray… and pray… and pray some more. At this age I was just going with the flow wondering when she’d stop so I could go to sleep. It was then my struggle began. Prayer has been a constant struggle my whole Christian life. When I got older, I started to work in ministry, my struggle with prayer became an embarrassment.

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