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Who Would Bow?

Jaffa Serpent Guard from Stargate SG-1

I don’t normally dream. At least I don’t usually remember my dreams. But this dream was so weird I couldn’t help but remember.

I was standing in an elaborate church building similar to ones I’ve seen in movies – large and very ornamental. In the front laid a large creature with a head like a cobra (I blame my recent viewing of Stargate SG-1 for the creature’s looks) and a large body. Some priest was putting the creature together in some fashion and brought it to life. When the creature stood it was twice the size of a man in height. The cobra’s hood spanned 6 feet wide, golden, and was encrusted with jewels.

Once the creature stood the priest led him through the crowds of people announcing his arrival, his awesome power, and the need for everyone to bow before the creature. In my dream I was thinking, “There’s no way any Christian here will bow before this creature.”

My dream ended before my thought could be proved.

This dream reminds me of the golden calves Jeroboam created and placed in Bethel and Dan (1 Kings 12:25-33) The kingdom of Israel was split into two kingdoms after the death of Solomon. Rehoboam ruled Judah to the south and Jeroboam ruled to the north called Israel. The center of Jewish worship was Jerusalem. So the problem for Jeroboam is Jerusalem resided in Judah to the south. He thought the people going there to worship would be persuaded by Rahoboam and turn away from his rule. So he brought worship into Israel. He himself set up idols, golden calves, set up feasts and places of worship. Of the calves he said to Israel, “Behold your gods who brought you out of Egypt.” And Israel fell into idolatry and worshiped the golden calves.

How can a people be so deceived? If Israel can turn away from God so quickly would Christians today be so easily persuaded?

In my dream I was sure no one would bow before this new god created by the priest. However, after thinking about it I am not so sure anymore.

Many go to churches seeking out a god of their own making. If we are convicted in one church we are sure to find a church that will be less convicting. If we are too challenged I am sure we can find one that does not challenge us. If we aren’t “fed” enough or challenged enough in the areas we feel we should be challenged we can find a church to accommodate our itch.

I, along with many others in the Church today, have lost what it means to deny one’s self and bare our crosses.

What about you? Would you bow before a creature that is seemingly all powerful? Able to destroy you?

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